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Vest Tops, Decisive Gestures


If I write to you directly, in lines that pick up threads of thinking, sometimes carrying a subject across several sections before
dropping it again, will you let me be?

I misread ‘rationalist grafting’ printed across the top of a page for ‘nationalist graffiti.’ Both sounded (in)appropriate. Dancing Queen was playing loudly in the bar I was in. There was a feeling of being overwhelmed. Frustration, the kind that could be accompanied by a few hot, quick tears.

Vest Tops, Decisive Gestures attempts to capture the ambition and confusion of an art writing practice. Instants, anecdotes and interactions emerge through the gaps between wanting to write, writing and being ‘a writer’.

Pamphlet published by The Yellow Paper Press, 2023

£5. Pick up a copy at Good Press, Glasgow or the Centre for Contemporary Art Derry-Londonderry, and by emailing

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