She tries to regain her breath

HD Video with sound

6 minutes


She tries to regain her breath
when the light splashed with red soaked

puddles and bicycle tracks
the crying/sex noises alongside clouds

slow shots, nice shots
the person and the body to the land
blue tone to hair, flesh coloured walls

blue of the sky and sea, nice image with

light tiles land and sea.
Red blue flesh colours of a
painting I suppose, red velvet curtains

red velvet scratched by black cat.

un-dramatic muffled storms riddles skies

ships power, natural power, something 

maybe touching on something frayed

around the edges.

they don’t melt, they stay
grab a handful and hurl them
movie type music,
reminds me of music from something,

something nourishing about that, like a

five afternoon movie lazy afternoon,
no haste languid moving sometimes
with the camera in little shuffles, some

trying to build up a pace, inside
and outside different episodic sequences

or pathways

She      could      have      been      dismembered;      gutted.     Her

stomach      in      hands     slightly     open.     Organs spinning in-

ward     on   a     half   axis   with   chunks    bitten   out  of   them.


The   net   curtain   breathing   gently   staring   at the   back   door

handle   waiting  for  the  cogs   to   twist   and   open   gasping  as

a   foot   strikes  on   the   floor   watching   out  the  windows   for

shadowy                figures                   peripheral                 visions.