- Sad Party Girls
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Sad Party encloses within its bedraggled carpet a cacophony of objects. The silence of a book screaming. Collaborators on this project since January 2017, myself and Eleanor Strong presented our debut album in May 2017. Performances in Nottingham New Theatre, Lily Robert Gallery, Paris, and Central Saint Martins, London, welcomed our outward projection and flickering self reflections. 

Fragments of tonic chords and noises connect a sonic poetry that comes together and falls apart. The auditory capital rooted in the process of DIY recording, recognising and reinterpreting, in a contemporary setting, the 'often overlooked contribution of women artists to the development of punk and sound based installation.'*

* Kin Gordon, Her Noise, press release, South London Gallery, 2005

Detritus of a Performance in Paris        103 cm x 128 cm variable            2017

The Sad Party Studio (detail)     Collaborative installation and performance space 300 x 300 x 423 cm   2017

The Sad Party Does Paris          Spoken word and music performance         Lily Robert Gallery,         Paris 

Sad Party

10 track audio

album on compact disc with

24 page

album artwork booklet

32 minutes