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Often on Paper, Occasionally Literary

Writing Workshop, CCA Glasgow, 2022



Through reading artist writing, poetry and essays, participants explore language as a material in connection to artistic and writing practices. The work of other writers and artists (some listed below) is gathered on the table around where we meet, presented in small fragments or units of writing. Ranging in scale from a single word to a line, a page to a few pages, copied and cut up, collected and collaged together, participants follow a series of short prompts asking them to write towards these words and in response to them, allowing space to discuss and explore writing’s relationship to form and formlessness, scale and intensity, the ordinary and the exceptional.

The workshop includes reading work by Penny Goring, Daniela Cascella, Katrina Palmer, Dionne Brand, Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart, Lyn Hejinian & Leslie Scalapino, Jen Martin, Mira Matter, Vahni Capildeo, Claire-Louise Bennett, among others.

Photo by Caitlin Merrett King

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