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It's A Material World: Writing About Art

‘Manifest as half of a shared conversation, writing moves its materials, whilst its interlocutor—sources—are cast in pixelated catalyst, nebulous memory. Climb inside, through the arm holes of a couple of warm coats, chewing on quotes.’



The publication, which includes a collectively written Note to the reader, features writing about visual art, films and objects experienced online by GSA Art Writing students Alex Bottomley, Misa Brzezicki, Donald Butler, Rachel Harris-Huffman, Enxhi Mandija, Jen Martin, Lucie Mclaughlin, Caitlin Merrett King, Siuán Ní Dhochartaigh, Sara O’Brien, Molly O’Leary, Clara Raillard, Ben Redhead, Megan Rudden, Rodrigo Vaiapraia and Morgan Williams. 

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