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Clickety-Clack is a triptych of experimental sound work; a mix of field recording and constructed narrative sequences that include the sounds of a printer dancing, music leaked through walls, the quiet rabble of voices outside a pub and the purr of a washing machine. Listen on the CCA website at the link above. 


Aiming to build connections between the disparate places where words inhabit artwork and art inhabits words, Clickety-Clack was produced for URGENCIES 2021, a biennial exhibition by CCA Derry~Londonderry, featuring artists Martin Boyle, Bryony Dunne, Brian Farrell, Edy Fung, Kathryn Graham, Michael Hanna, Patrick Hickey, Siobhán Kelly, Lucie McLaughlin, Christopher Steenson, Frank Wasser in 2021 and was selected by artist Locky Morris and CCA Director Catherine Hemelryk.

Screenshot 2020-12-17 130940.jpg
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