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'Why Not Call This A Life!' a long rectangular photograph showing at least eight postcards or images. They are arranged in a fan from the middle of the image to the far right. The front image shows an area of ground beside a river littered with old and broken skateboards. The image on the far right is also visible, it is a landscape photo turned on its side showing a deep blue sky, a pink mosaic sculpture of an octopus, blue sea and some green headland in the background. Only slivers along the long edge of the other images or postcards are visible.

'Why Not Call This A Life!' Auto-something: writing life: sites and affects

A three-part workshop at CCA Derry-Londonderry. These workshops take ideas of writing from life and hybrid autobiographical forms (auto-fiction, autoethnography, autotheory) as a frame for activity to generate new writing, conversation and research. Hosted online via Zoom on Wednesdays 9, 16 & 23 November 2022, 6pm–8pm.

Through collective reading and writing in response to prompts we will explore how writing relates to observation of sound, image and object in order to construct and perform the world around it. Discussing the ethics and difficulties of ‘writing from life’ or ‘autobiographically’ via its social, cultural and political significance, we will develop new critical inquiries around the art and writing of others and our own practices.

More info and booking link on the CCA DLD website.

A dim photograph angled down towards wide grey stone flooring, two feet in shiny trainers poking in from the top right corner. A children's squishy coral-coloured toy about the size of a baby, is splayed in the middle of the floor, smiling and looking up directly into the camera, it is some sort of animal superhero figure. In the top right hand corner of the photo, a scan from a book is collaged on top, it reads in small black lettering 'to the same height, approximately 10 feet tall, only one unit had incurred the instability of probable collapse.'
Image 4 A book of old black and white postcards is open on a table covered with more books of postcards. The postcards are partially obscured by the shiny white reflecting off the plastic film they are stored under. There are two postcards on the right, showing stone buildings with what looks like bomb damage. Two more postcards of similar design are on the right, but we can only see a sliver of them. The postcards have tiny writing at the top in French, one part says 'La Grand Guerre'. Near the bottom of the image, a green strip of colour has been digitally collaged on top, it reads in small black lettering: 'comes over & over again I looked open crisp transluscent slides transluscent paper my legs hurt from squatting can anyone cut this cream'
A photograph of a skyscraper in the dark, camera pointed up along its tall face. The building is illuminated by green light, in a freezing looking fog and partly obscured by the dark silhouettes of trees, some with leaves, some just spiky bare branches. Witihn the photo, a scan from a page is collaged on top, with small inky star symbols and some words reading in italics 'soft electro'
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